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Our people

First class travel is about teamwork

Our people are our difference

Local support
National network

UPN members are highly experienced local operators each with a depth of local knowledge that enables UPN to offer significant national benefits.

Over 90 member depots operated by independent experienced logistics specialists enable UPN to provide a highly efficient range of UK and European services with trunk vehicles at the highest fill rates in our sector.

Our people are our difference

When its all going well its sometimes difficult to choose between one service and another. Its when challenges arise that it becomes clear that all companies are not the same. You can always rely on UPN People.
"At UPN it's all about attention to detail, consistency and constant focus on providing the highest levels of quality service possible"
David Brown
UPN Managing Director
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With UPN you can be confident that our people will support you enthusiastically, in the good times and the bad. When its all going well, and when its not going well.

You can be confident that UPN people will always go the extra mile.
We're all fully committed to "Drive Service Quality"
All UPN management and partner members are signed up to a Formal Charter Commitment. Everyone is accountable nationally and regionally to “DRIVE SERVICE QUALITY.

This important commitment is confirming our market position. “First Class Travel for Palletised Freight”
"UPN are continually driving service quality - locally, regionally and nationally."
Amy Moran
UPN Day Operations
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Engaged and motivated
• Unique knowledge, skills, and experience
• Highly trained highly motivated individuals
• Engaged employees with a positive attitude
• People who understand your needs
• People who commit to meeting them
• People who care about your business
"100% service performance is always the UPN goal. We do all we can to get as close to it as possible."
Ivan Bone
Network Services Manager
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Over 90 depots nationwide
Secure, reliable, and specifically for palletised freight. A national UPN network of 90+ member depots. Freight is collected and delivered daily across the UK, and Europe.
Some background on UPN
With over 20 years of success and growth we have a solid past that is looking forward and investing heavily in the future of logisitics.
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There are many ways to keep in touch and keep up to date with UPN. For latest service information and developments follow us on socials or simply drop us an email to say hello.
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